What This Writer is up to: Writing Progress Report

One of the reasons I really wanted to follow through with a writing blog at this time is to help keep track of my progress, and better help get a sense of accomplishment with the vision of hard work being put out there and shared with the world.

This is, of course, why I’ve posted a Submission Tracker to see my stories being submitted, the when, where, why, etc. I will also be keeping the blog posted with the rejections and the acceptances and everything in between.

As this blog is still in a very young form, I thought it would be a good time to give a current status update with all the projects I am working right now. There’s a lot to be added to the Submission Tracker hopefully very soon!

But for now, here’s the line-up on what this writer is working on. This is….the PROGRESS REPORT (dun-dun-dun). All of the following are flash fiction or a short story, anywhere between 100-10,000 words. Actual length undecided at this time due to…you know, not being finished.

First Drafts

Gunslinger (project title) – short story, former outlaw returns to battle against his own blood (target market – Hex Gunslinger)

Let It Out – flash fiction, killer needs to release the beast

Second Drafts

Public Speaking (project title) – short story, young man finds some “assistance” with his fear of public speaking

Squirming Eggs (project title) – short story, boy takes home disturbing class project

Tease the Dog – flash fiction, vindictive young brat learns valuable lesson

Third Draft

Damsel in Distress – flash fiction, young man follows a mysterious and attractive woman through the city (target market – Feed Your Monster

Stolen Items – short story, possibly novella upon completion, man disturbed by items going missing in his new house

Completed/Currently Shopping

It’s Meant to Be – short story, woman trapped in basement left with only her mother’s words… (previously published in Sirens Call)

Menthol – short story, man in a post-apocalyptic world on a hunt for cigarettes

The Perfect Family – short story, a taxidermist strives for his perfect family

Scattered Limbs – flash fiction, boy discovers a body of severed limbs much to his delight

Sloth – short story, young man discovers some strange changes taking place after his break-up (currently submitted to Theme of Absence)


That’s the current status report for what I’m bringing into this blog. As I’ve said in previous posts, there is a novel idea floating around my head that I’ve been working on researching-outlining, and hopefully I shall be able to provide more details (and some samples down the line) as they come.

Until next time, keep writing! Keep reading! And keep the good vibes going.





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